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Child-Friendly Office Environment

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We have child-friendly exam rooms which include fun exam beds! Above are a few photos of our rooms, but you can view the other exam beds on this site:

Commitment to Quality

We endeavor to bring the highest quality care to your child in an environment that they will find entertaining and fun.  It is our hope that all members of the families that use our services are comfortable, relaxed and intellectually stimulated. 

Your child’s safety and optimizing their health is a priority to us.  Just in case, we have emergency equipment, a defibrillator, oxygen and staff trained and experienced in providing emergency care here for your child.

We provide clean toys for children to play with.  All toys are sanitized in a dishwasher between each child’s use.  We are focused on decreasing anxiety. 

We are proud to inform our patients that we perform no painful procedures in our office, and our staff is experienced with helping children and families relax and enjoy their time here.Our electronic medical record system, cardiac imaging equipment, and exam rooms are state of the art